Body Archive

Dance as an act of joy, empowerment and resistance.  

This work explores notions of belonging and inclusivity, through personal and collective recollections of movement histories and identity.

How can we create a togetherness based upon sensorial and porous modalities of existence, through gender fluid and non-binary value systems?

How can we queer our perception of desire by delving deeper into our intuitive, exploratory, and peripersonal dimensions?

How can we deconstruct a fantasy system that for centuries has catered to the western heterosexual male gaze, and, in so doing, take back and embody our own physicality?

Through collective processes this project asks us to generate an active exchange on the subjects of queer identity and gender politics, historical legacy and archival memory, acting as a public invitation to celebrate our physical history and cultural heritage.

This project was made possible thanks to the generous support of Arts Council England.