As a tutor in contemporary dance Alice has taught for Roehampton University and Birckbeck College.

With a BA in dance for theatre and an MA in performance Tatge teaches dance composition, choreography and improvisation in the UK as well as internationally.

Most recently Tatge's focus in teaching has been providing and developing her unique style of physical workshops for non-dancers, inviting participants to immerse themselves in an embodied exploration of the sensory. These workshops are specifically devised to encourage a positive relationship to body image, by increasing general knowledge of both skeletal and muscular anatomy, in order to understand how the perception of our own body affects our relationship to others and the space that we share, by facilitating each individual's unique potential for movement in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

"Each individual has a unique Body Map: a network of interconnected information/feedback between the various parts of the human body and the brain. Each skin surface has a series of touch receptors that help us locate our own body, the space reachable by our body and the space beyond our body: the body of others and objects we may encounter in our field of perception. This is what neuroscientists call peripersonal space. Our peripersonal space is constantly shifting, depending on the environment we are in, expanding or contracting to suit the environment that surrounds us. It is through this system of flexible Body Mapping that we understand our body as being our own and not someone else╩╝s. In order for this complex system to work we need movement and, in turn, we move because we have encoded within our Body Maps our body, the space that surrounds it, as well as the social world".