Networking/Silent/All in search

All of these works have been made in collaboration with dramaturge Therese Steele.

Tatge&Steele's collaboration is based on a mutual interest in exploring notions of power and identity, the politics of the subconscious and the relationship between individual and collective, through a variety of medias including performance, installation and film.

'Networking' November 2012, was commissioned by Arts Admin London. The work is a satirical intervention-based performance questioning the position of being female in the current art market.

'Silent dinner' March 2013, was an attempt to utilise the act of eating as a channel into the sensorial, whilst emphasising the gestural and guttural act of food consumption itself.

'All in Search of a Greater Hunger'  April 2014, was their second work presented at Freud Museum in London. Situated in and around Miroslav Balka’s DIE TRAUMDEUTUNG (the dream interpretation) 75,32m AMSL, the piece accessed Balka’s installation as a site for exploring the relation between material surroundings and mental states.