Adrenalin Mannequin

Adrenalin Mannequin is a live work on the disembodiment of sex and eroticism in a technologically driven society.  This solo was commissioned for the opening of the Gendererotica2015 festival in Rome, Italy.

The piece was inspired and presented alongside the photographic series 'Mannequin' handpicked by Tatge from The Blake Project: a performance for still image, photographed by Marco Berardi in 2014.

In the work Mannequin Tatge seeks to hide her nudity behind a mannequin which becomes at the same time an extension and a substitute for her body. The mannequin is therefore employed as a marionette that stands in for a physicality that is supposed to produce erotic stimulation.  

The photo series and live performance was contextualised within the group exhibition 'Some Like It Wrong' curated by Cuntemporary, a curatorial team at the intersection of Visual Arts, Feminism and Queer.

Nuovo Cinema Palazzo
San Lorenzo, Rome, Italy
22-24 May 2015