Instructions For Use

Solo piece devised and performed by Tatge in collaboration with visual artist and writer Chris Crickmay. Soundscape by Wajid Yaseen.

This is a collaborative work mixing dance, movement and ‘task-based’ activity within a changing interior landscape of objects, light and sounds.  

'In conceiving this work we have been interested in the nature of daily rituals and in the dimensions of freedom available in the details of a person’s life. At one level we are faced all the time with instructions to follow. These may literally be the ‘instructions for use’ that go with the things we buy, what our families, our cultural or ethnic groupings teach us and make us used to doing. But through the objects we choose, and the way we choose to do even the most minor tasks, we can also personalise our lives and from this derive a sense of identity and personal connection to the world. We identify and reveal ourselves in the often quirky particulars of how we do this or that task. In devising the piece we have sought not to re-enact daily rituals, but to draw from them, in creating an independent performance world of dance and imagery'.

Alice Tatge & Chris Crickmay.